Umoja Community Education Foundation Welcomes New Board Members: Expanding Leadership for a Bright Future

Umoja Community Education Foundation Welcomes New Board Members: Expanding Leadership for a Bright Future

In a spirit of enthusiasm and growth, the Umoja Community Education Foundation proudly announces the addition of new members to its esteemed Board of Directors. This strategic move marks a significant step forward for the organization as it continues its mission to foster educational excellence, community engagement, and cultural enrichment.

The Umoja Community Education Foundation, known for its commitment to empowering students, building inclusive communities, and promoting cultural diversity, is delighted to welcome aboard individuals whose expertise and passion align seamlessly with the organization's values.

Meet the New Board Members:

  • Marilyn Woods: Marilyn Wood is the Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer for the Neighborhood Wellness Foundation. [Read More]

  • Dr. Damon L. Tull: Dr. Damon Tull is the Director for Industry Alliances at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management and the Mike and Renee Child Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Special Advisor on Equity and Inclusion Accountability at the University of California Office of the President. [Read More]

  • Dr. John Hamilton: Dr. John Hamilton serves as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Partnerships and Student Success Initiatives at the California State University Chancellor's Office. [Read More]

  • Dr. John Parker: Dr. John Parker is the Vice President of Administrative Services at San Diego City College. [Read More]

  • Maurice Goodman: Maurice Goodman is the Vice Mayor of the city of Millbrae and Acting President of the San Mateo NAACP. [Read More]

As Umoja embraces the addition of new board members, the organization is poised to embark on an exciting chapter of growth and impact. The Board will continue to work collaboratively to enhance existing programs, explore new initiatives, and strengthen partnerships with educational institutions and community organizations.

About the Umoja Community Education Foundation

Umoja, (a Kiswahili word meaning unity) is a community and critical resource dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African American and other students. We believe that when the voices and histories of students are deliberately and intentionally recognized, the opportunity for self-efficacy emerges and a foundation is formed for academic success. Umoja actively serves and promotes student success for all students through a curriculum and pedagogy responsive to the legacy of the African and African American Diasporas.

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Publish Date: 
Monday, January 22, 2024

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